Trailer Title Transfer & Registration

If you would like to transfer a title and get a trailer registration under your name, we will need the following:

  • Original title (signed by seller and buyer, and dated)
  • Name that you want the new title to be under
  • Address that you want to be printed on the new title
  • Mailing address if different from the one above
  • Purchase price of vehicle
  • Current odometer reading of vehicle (if applicable)
  • SS # (if title to be under an individual name) or EIN # (if title to be under a corporate name)
  • DL # of the new owner of the vehicle
  • Lienholder name and address (if applicable)
  • Company name and address that vehicle will be leased to

We can issue a 90-day temporary trailer registration once we have the original title in our office as long as there are no issues with the title.

You can bring the documents to our office Monday thru Friday, 9 am thru 5 pm, and Saturday 10 am thru 1 pm, fax them at (847) 346-0531 or email them to [email protected].  

Trailer Registration

What is a semi-trailer registration?

Semi-trailer registration refers to the process of registering a semi-trailer with the appropriate state or regional authorities. This registration is necessary to legally operate a semi-trailer on public roads. When registering a semi-trailer, the owner typically provides information about the trailer, such as its make, model, year, weight, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

The registration process may also involve paying registration fees, providing proof of insurance, and obtaining license plates or decals that must be displayed on the semi-trailer. The registration period and renewal requirements can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific regulations in place.

Why is it important? What happens without it?

It’s important to keep the registration current and comply with all applicable regulations to avoid penalties or fines for operating an unregistered or improperly registered semi-trailer.

What service do we provide?

Prospect Licensing can help you register your semi-trailer and get the title of the vehicle transferred to the new owner’s name. We can issue a 90-day temporary registration the same day to help you send the vehicle on the road while waiting for the original to be issued. 


Semi trailer registrations are usually permanent and they do not need to be renewed.


The fee for Semi-trailer registrations in Illinois is currently $19, one time fee, does not need to be renewed. Please inquire about other states.