If you would like to apply for a new IRP account, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of your CDL or copy of driver CDL if applicant does not have a valid CDL and a copy of your DL
  • Copy of the Articles of Incorporation for your company (if you would like to be registered under a corporate name)
  • SS# (if individual) or EIN# (if Corporation or LLC)
  • Proof of ownership (Title, form ST-556, Bill of Sale or invoice (acceptable only if issued by a licensed dealer))
  • HWY Use Tax (Form 2290) – if vehicle was purchased more than 60 days ago
  • Proof of address – you need to provide 4 documents with your name and current address on them, which cannot be older than 60 days. 
    1.  The acceptable documents are – CDL, phone, electrical, gas, water, cable, internet bills, lease agreement for an apartment/house, mortgage statement, real estate tax bill, insurance – car or truck (cannot be an ID card, must be a certificate, declaration page or a bill) and voter’s registration card     
    2.  The phone bill is mandatory
  • Prospective employer – name, address, phone #, Safety Carrier DOT #, Safety Carrier TIN #

You can bring that the documents to our office Monday thru Friday, 9 am thru 5 pm, and Saturday 10 am thru 1 pm, fax them at (847) 346-0531 or email them to [email protected].